3 Skills Every Social Media Marketer Must Have

Winning on social media

1, 2, & 3 - Be good at Social Media, that's it.

Kidding Guys.

When I started marketing on Social Media I was terrible.

But with a few core skills, I was able to increase my competency at it, then - my confidence. 


This is actually a well-known phenomenon in the world of Psychology, it's called the 'Confidence -Competence Loop'.

confidence loop

Essentially what it describes is how people start feeling better about themselves in terms of a certain skill. 

If you start off social media marketing with little Competency

You will then in turn not be very Confident. 

Making you feel less competent, yet again.


This is the loop. It's harsh and unforgiving, but you can break out of it. I did.

All you need is to work on your skill set, educate yourself, take in more information and learn more while applying what you learn. 

This in effect increases your competency level in whatever area you are working on, then further increase your confidence, and the cycle beings to work in your favor. 

Making you ever more confident and competent until you turn into Elon Musk (Results not guaranteed).

Which brings us to this article, I am in effect trying to make all of you feel more competent at Social Media, so you feel more.....? 

You guessed it, confident. 

Let's break down 3 must have the skills to be a successful Social Media Marketer. 


1. Social Skills

Okay, don't laugh.

I'm getting somewhere with this. 

What I mean by 'Social Skills' is the ability to be Social on Social media.

You would think this is apparent but trust me -  it's not.

A ton of businesses don't pay attention to what their audience wants, what their audience likes, what they care about, what they want to read about etc.

It's shocking how few businesses do this, so in essence, if you are able to watch, listen, monitor, take note of and track what your audience ACTUALLY cares about (Not what you think they do); then believe me you will win.

An amazing tool to find out what your audience is talking about is BuzzSumo, it's a website that lets you plug in a topic or industry and find out what the most shared articles are on Social platforms. 

2. Graphic Design

You must know Photoshop, Illustrator, After effects and 14 other programs.

*Said the digital marketer in 2012*

Relax though, it's 2018. Your graphic design tools just got an upgrade, and they are about 400 times easier to use (In my rough approximation).

Here are two to get you started:

Ripl animated social media posting

Ripl - Animated Social Media posting

Ripl is actually quite a neat free tool that lets you build simple Social Media posts that have neat little animations in them. I think it's worth checking out especially if you want to boost engagement (People love videos - and animated posts are the next best thing).

canva graphic design simple

Canva - Simplified Graphic Design For Social Media

Guy, this is one of the most used tools in every Social Media Marketers arsenal. 


It's that powerful, I'm not joking around here.

This tool will accomplish 99% of what you need to do on Social Media.

Click the image to go to the site and look around, I will let the rest speak for itself.


3. Care

This last one is stunningly simple.

Yet I believe it is the most overlooked aspect of marketing today.

Businesses just want to make money, they want you to read what they think you want to read.

They care about profits, not satisfaction.

If you want to be a top-tier Social Media marketer the best strategy that you will ever be able to use is this one - Just care.

It's timeless, simple, elegant, and highly effective. 

People want to be cared for even if it's over a traditionally impersonal platform like Social Media. 

Turn that stigma on its head, make it personal, care about your audience and especially your customers. 

Do these 3 things to become the ultimate Social Media Marketer and you will be sitting on the mountain of Social Media greatness in no time.



Be powerful.

- Jack Heaton

Attention Exchange Media 



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