Can The Latest Video Game Craze Help Your Business Grow?

Well... It's not clear. 

One thing is clear though Fornite garners a MASSIVE audience, and where there is an audience of that size, with that much attention.

Money is to be made.

Let's start with the facts:

        • Fornite made $318 million in the month of May (It's a free game by the way)
        • 125 Million people play Fortnite (
        • Over the last 90 days, 391,186,904 hours of Fortnite Streaming has been watched on the Social Media Video Game platform Twitch (

This doesn't mean every Dentist and Chiropractor should start buying advertisements on Twitch ( 

What should be done is observation.

Watch the platform grow, monitor it, you may be able to catch a market segment early on with inexpensive advertising before the platform booms.


Remember the little candy crunching game we all love? Yeah, Fornite (On Mobile makes more than that game now) 

Fortnite Marketing Revenue

(Credit: Slash Gear

The top Streamer / Youtuber for Fortnite is a player named Ninja, with his highest viewed video getting over 31 Million views, oh and he has 14 Million subscribers (One of the Highest of any channel on Youtube).

With all this attention around Fornite, you can't ignore it.

We aren't saying you should jump into Fornite and drop all your other advertising, that's exactly what you shouldn't do.


If you think that your audience may be watching or interested in Fortnite, it could be beneficial for you to experiment with marketing to that segment on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook

Find what works, find what doesn't work. 

What can be measured can be improved!


- Jack Heaton 

Attention Exchange Media 



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