Create Content That Stands Out

Creating content on Social Media is a must.

Creating blog content is imperative. 

But creating EYE-CATCHING content is above all the holy grail.

But Why?

Your number one problem isn't amazing content, it isn't organic reach, it isn't grammar, it isn't finding time to post.

The biggest problem is creating eye-catching content  

That is what comes first, all the others: great content, grammar, post length - those all come after eye-catching content.

You think of it like the old adage goes:

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is there does it make a sound?

If no one clicks on your content because it isn't eye-catching can anyone check your grammar? or critique your post length?


I'm not saying that grammar isn't important, however, I'm saying if you try to "blend in" and not stand out then there will be no one to care about anything you write. 

So that brings us to the main point of this article, how to create eye-catching content. 


Why is my logo pink and blue?

Hint: It's not because I like cotton candy. 


The winning formula to get your post noticed on Social Media. 

How do you do this?

Well, you know that the backdrop of most social media pages is white. 

So you can opt for a white post with black lettering, which creates empty space and black contrasting text. 

Or use our tactic with a POP of color to enhance visibility in the storm of social media content.

If you have any of the "Jason Bourne" series of movies or most other action movies you will notice the covers are overwhelmingly blue and orange. 

contrasting colours for social media

As you can see that wasn't an understatement. 

Viewed in this context it seems way too overused, and that may be true. 

However, there isn't a large number of people comparing movie covers. 

This can be used to your advantage on Social Media, keep an eye out for any branding, advertising, banners, posters, fonts, etc. that grab your attention 

What I like to do is take a picture of marketing or graphic design I like to use as inspiration later. 


Be different. 


POP stand out on social media

POP stand out. 

Be loud, unapologetic, and be yourself. 

If people don't like what you're posting and you're being yourself - is that someone you really want following you anyways?

It isn't always the number of people that follow you - its the quality. 

Instagram stories has very powerful "POP" factor (Yes, I came up with that term)

Their block text is visually appealing as well. 

Creating a graphic in Instagram stories in Landscape format then using it as the cover of your content is another great way to stand out!

Click- Bait (ish)

We do not condone or support click bait, however, your heading has to be intriguing. 

Make it sound fun, exciting and entertaining BUT MAKE SURE it's TRUTHFUL. 

Let's look at some (made up) examples:


Grizzly Bear population in Alaska increases by 14.32% annually 


Grizzly Bears are getting it on up North, find out how fast their population is growing and why below!


Scientific evidence from the University Of Medical Genetics Studies Finds out you could share 27.44% of your DNA with Gold Fish


Your boss may in fact share over 25% of his DNA with a goldfish, don't be quick to laugh - you do too. 


The title doesn't lie or confabulate, it just gives witty remarks and adds character to your heading. 

My examples are a bit extreme due to my writing style, but you can adjust for your personal taste and preference!

(Just to clarify the Gold Fish thing was made up..) 

The last way is to just keep looking at Attention Exchange Medias posts and take notes!


That wraps up our quick intro on how to create eye-catching content. 


- Be powerful 

Jack Heaton. 





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