Don't use social Media

Social Media Doesn't Work

P.s. Elvis is also still alive.

It's not worth

It 'll never catch on

There's no point

My audience isn't on there

My customers don't use social media

Social media is only for kids

My products too expensive

It doesn't work for my business

These are all things that I hear people say about social media, and they're all false.

I don't care who you are, where you're from, what business you're in, if you're in government contracts only selling filters for water towers - guess what?
It is a rare and not well-known fact that the government employs people. Those people get to leave the government buildings they work in and go online to social media (if they're not on social media while they're there) and they usually have it somewhere in the profile that they work for the government.


So if you can dominate your Market on social media, I guarantee that you will get in front of the people that you need to get in front of in order to help build brand awareness and close more deals.

  • Don't buy a car stick to a horse and buggy cars are dangerous
  • Don't buy a TV stick to the radio the radio works the TV it's not going to catch on
  • Don't use social media to grow your business use Flyers use billboards social media is never going to catch on

You see a trend here?

Some people just refuse to adapt and change because they're scared or they don't know what to do. We hear all the time “our word of mouth is great” “our door-to-door mailer campaign is fantastic gets us enough clients” “ we don't need social media we're doing okay”

Every time I hear someone say one of those things I think great fantastic! That's great, but what about in 4 years, what about in 3 months?


Elvis has passed. 

And Social Media WORKS.


-Jack Heaton


Attention Exchange Media
Aurora - Newmarket - East Gwillimbury - Richmondhill - Toronto - Thornhill

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