How to Create Amazing Content

It's a pretty easy process. The most important part of Content Creation is execution, the best "idea" for a blog post or infographic is USELESS unless you execute on it and get it up for people to see. 


Step 1. Define your goal

This may be a new step for some of you, but it is absolutely crucial.

What do you want?

Do you want to grow a massive audience to help people?

Do you want to curate a select few people for a sales funnel?

Are you trying to get Real Estate client? If so you're blog better be HELLA informative and do it quickly

Different goals require different pieces of content - ok?


Step 2. Find Who Your Audience Is


Let's put it like this - you are speaking at a convention. 

You get all your notes ready, you prepare relentlessly, you rehearse, you have handouts.

You've decided to do your speech on Advanced Social Media Analytics Management (Don't worry you won't have to do this for our intents and purposes).

You go give your speech and... you fail miserably. 

But what went wrong?

For starters, your audience was a group of 45-year-old+ business owners who are brand new to social media.

Your message was not well received. 

If you want to give effective information on Advanced Social Media Analytics your message is going to fall on deaf ears if you don't set out to find the specific audience for your information. 

The best way to do this is to write the characteristics of your ideal audience on a piece of paper.

So we want to find an audience to convey our message about Advanced Social Media Analytics, we would want them to have the following characteristics:

  • English Speaking
  • Knows what Social Media is
  • Knows a little about Social Media Analytics 
  • Has some sort of a problem or issue with BASIC Social Media Analytics 
  • Is actively seeking new information on the subject

Bonus: You can have more than one target audience demographic! 

But overall that is an excellent way to start finding who it is you want to speak to via your content. 

Step 3. 

Write about it.

Blog about it.

Infographic about it.

Vlog about it. 

Slideshow about it. 

Connect with people about it. 

The first two steps were easy, this is the hard one - writing about it. 

You need to figure out what medium to use to effectively get your message out to your audience and connect with them in a meaningful way. 

You have to put a fairly large amount of effort into writing content because people are going to throw your crap to the side if it's not valuable and engaging. 

Some AMAZING examples of different types of blogging (used synonymously with content creation in this particular post) are below"

Tim Ferriss: Amazing Long form content - his posts and podcasts are LONG but it's his niche and it works for him. 
See his Blog Here 

Neil Patel - Neil Patel writes about SEO and online marketing.

I personally LOVE his style of blogging, its simple, funny and super easy to read. 


In-Depth Content Kills 



There you are, some examples of how to write content.

You've got the basic idea down, go out and read more blog posts and pieces of content to find out what style you like and what works for your audience.

And like the great Stephen King said: 

"If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that."

Happy content writing!

- Jack Heaton 

Owner, Attention Exchange Media.


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