How to use Social Media to Market to Students - London, Kingston & Other College Towns

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If you're a business owner who resides in a "College Town" (Places like London Ontario and Kingston Ontario) then this blog post is for you. Finally right?

We are going to quickly break down 5 ways that you can market your business with Social Media to College or University students in your city. 

1. Video that helps

To engage with the College age group (18 - 25) you must be posting video content - simple as that. Easier said than done. You have to create video content that helps them deal with an issue in their lives or else they won't care about you. Students are under stress, so try to create video content once in a while that is uplifting or helps them deal with the burden of daily life in University. A great example of this is the App of the year - Calm

2. Creative Discount 

Okay, don't let this one discourage you - most students tend to be on a budget and seeking deals. Notice I said deals and not cheap items, that is because the power of a "Great Deal" always reels people in, even if they are on a budget. So figure out a way to creatively offer a student discount, maybe you have a coffee shop and offer 30% off food items for students who study at your cafe. This gets you an upsell and can be promoted on social media for an outstanding effect.

3. Create Campus Related Promotions

Promotions: paid advertising on social media to extend reach and get customers. You should be following your local Colleges Social Media accounts (like Fanshawe, Western University, Queens University, St. Lawrence College) and noticing when special events are happening. For example: During the first week of school, you can create content that helps new students discover the city - like a map of the town with your location highlighted. Maybe during graduation photos offer a referral discount or social media coupon or to any ladies (or gentlemen) getting their hair done at your salon. 

4. Micro-Influencer Marketing

You've heard of Influencer marketing, right? It's when a company pays a person with a very large Social Media following to promote their brand. You can accomplish this with micro-influencers in your area. Go to Instagram and type "Western University" or another geographically based tag - then see the top 9 posts. Click through to the accounts associated and see which ones have 5,000 followers or more, then direct message them asking for a partnership. You have to offer them something though, whether it be a cash payment, or you give them free burgers for the rest of the semester - be creative! Be sure to make the payment equal to the size of their following (and essentially the customers they can bring you)

5. Ahh... Student Life

Make content about student life! The struggle of exams, the perils of lunchtime at Tim Hortons on campus, rushing for the bus to get to class on time. Your brand has to resonate with students if you are going to attract a student based following on Social Media and what better way to accomplish this then to post about their trials and tribulations!

Make sure to always be genuine! 

This demographic can spot a faker from a mile away, but resonate with them and get on their level; you will have a loyal following that will endlessly promote your brand and product to their peer group on social media.


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