How to Market your Business in Aurora, Ontario

Okay, so you live in or do business in Aurora. 

You want to grow your business or bring in more people, but you don't know how.

You're in luck.

Today we will be going over 3 of the best ways to market your business locally - so stay tuned (Number 3 is the best by far).

I love Aurora, and I hope everyone reading this loves Aurora too. 

Other than some not-so-minor constant construction it isn't that bad.

So because of my love for the Town and growing up there myself, I LOVE giving back to the community. 

Consider this article just a small step in that direction, my gift to you to help you supercharge your results when marketing your business in Aurora, Ontario.

Let's break it down.

1. Get Recommended 

Facebook recommendations are huge, they get prioritized in Facebook's news feed algorithm. That means that when you recommend a page or a business via "Recommend" Button Facebook is going to put that near the top of your friend's news feeds.


Some speculate the enhanced recommendation system is trying to compete with other review based sites to add a more enriched and full experience for the user when in the 'consideration' stage of a buying journey.

Either way, make sure you are actively asking people to recommend or review you, a fantastic tool for this is to use email marketing and leverage your past history of clients - they already bought from you!

Just shoot off a simple email asking if they liked their experience and if the answer is yes then you would love it if they gave you a review to support your business!

2. Show off personality

This one is counter-intuitive.

It is so beneficial to be different today because everyone is scared to do it. 

In your online content, in your advertising, in your social media stories, you need to be showing off your personality!

Laugh, have fun with it, be you, people love this sort of thing, but very few actually do it.

Showing off your personality can be a really instrumental way, people really get a sense of how human your brand can be and how relatable you are. 

This can be a massive driver of traffic to your location or site and is highly underleveraged. 

3. Location-based Facebook Ads


Facebook Ads are the holy grail of digital marketing today.

Location-based targeting can be a fundamental core driver in your business strategy if you understand how to do them properly. 

Basically, you set up a radius around your business and Ad parameters and you can hit people with offers, coupons, codes, and more in a 5 - 25 mile radius.

Own your space, and in todays, digital world owning your space means owning the digital 'air' around your business too.

Capture tourists on the way to cottage country, make sure people know about your business and help them find you. You can mix up the message you send on these ads too and really start driving results and getting an amazing return on investment.


That wraps up this short article on driving success in Aurora - remember none of these will work for you

... Unless you actually implement one and put it to practice!

Thanks for reading.

-Jack Heaton

Owner, Attention Exchange Media 






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