How To Steal Great Content

how to steal great content for social media

You too can STEAL amazing content.

Before everyone gets worked up this article isn't REALLY about stealing. 

People always ask: where can I find amazing content? How do I get permission to post other peoples stuff? How can I curate an amazing content feed?

Well, it's pretty easy actually and we can break it down into 3 methods. 

1. Articles

2. ASK 

3. Shoutout 

So let's go over the 3 methods and how to effectively use each one to GROW your audience and furthermore convert that audience into a client base. 

1. Article

Wouldn't it be neat if there were millions of FREE articles out there that the author wanted to share with the world? 

Yeah well, there is. 99% of Articles written are meant to be shared! 

It's relatively easy to go through the internet using keyword searching on google and find relevant and useful informative articles OR videos to share with your audience. 

Here is a post that was shared earlier today by someone most of you probably know:


Jay Shetty - The motivational / mindfulness guru. Even he curates content in articles from around the internet! 

Jay Shetty Amazing Content Curation Finding Great Content


2. Ask

Just ask people.

It's that simple, "slide into their DM's" and ask if you can share their content if you give them credit. 

However that being said, most of the time people are MORE than thrilled if you share their content even without asking, it exposes their content to your audience and amplifies their reach. 

Who wouldn't be happy about that? Would you want your content to be shared?

Half of the Social Media platforms have built-in "share" or "ReTweet" features embedded in the service itself. 

For Instagram just take a screenshot and leave their username at the top then just crop out the comments, then post it onto your page and make sure you type something along the lines of "Credit: insert username" to properly attribute recognition to the user. 

3. Shoutout 

Shoutout is very similar to "Ask" however for this method we are going to be essentially giving "props" or showing respect to another account while posting some of their content. 

This does 4 things: 

1. Builds MASSIVE rapport with the person you are shouting out, giving them the incentive to connect and engage with you building your audience.

2. Gives you the opportunity to be shouted back out by them, giving you exposure to their audience and increasing your reach. 

3. Gives your audience value by showing them a new and interesting page or account which you provided them

4. You get to display some kick-ass content to your page. Bringing more value to your pages' audience. 


So in summary - Go steal some amazing content!

There is always a way to find great content for your page, you should be posting a MINIMUM of 5 times a week and between creating your own content and "curating" as we in the industry call the process of finding content in other profiles and posting it on your own. 

 Go out there and bring some value!

- Jack Heaton 

Owner, Attention Exchange Media

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