The Most Actionable Guide To Social Media for Small Businesses (Warning: Not easy)


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 This guide will be your field companion in the trenches - and just like the field manuals of WWII it's small and designed to fit in your pocket (Sort of).

Keep this trusty guide with you (in the bookmarks) and most importantly don't read it if you aren't willing to implement the contents to improve your Social game. 

The best tool is the one that is used after all. 

Okay, you have a small business, you want to market it.

You want more people to know about you/it.

Make a little (or a lot) more money and you know Social Media Marketing is the way. 

But How?

Well, sorry to let you down, it's not easy, it's ridiculously easy. 

This guide is going to give you the blogs to read, influencers to watch, the tactics to succeed and the strategies to do so. 

Click here to see a case study on Social Media marketing before we begin if you don't believe it works.

The first company got a 16x increase in revenue! 


Alright, now that we are all on the same page here is what this article will cover:

  1.  Creating Value 

  2. Strategy 

  3. Tactics 

  4. Influencers 

  5. Blogs to read (or watch)

  6. Tools for success

  7. Podcasts

Let's jump into it. If you have any questions on Social Media Marketing for small business drop a comment at the bottom and I will answer your question! 


1. Creating Value 


Value creation is the single most effective tool for building and engaging with a big audience on Social Media channels and your website. Value is where you provide some sort of article, information, tool, tactic, resource or product (usually for free) above what would be considered normal. 

A great example is SEM Rush a search engine keyword and optimization tool (SEO).

They created a very advanced product that can scan your website (or your competitors) for keyword usage, backlinks and suggested keywords - for free. Pretty cool, right?

The catch? You only get 1 free search before you have to enter your email for 10 more searches. After that, all their tools are paid only. 

How to provide value

Value Creation summed up at its finest: Find - Define - Provide.

What the heck does that mean? 


This may seem obvious but bear with me alright?

If you create the best and most valuable blog post that anyone has ever seen on Dental Hygiene, but you target bookstores, that piece of content isn't going to get much traction is it?


So you have to actually locate (or find) the people you want to bring value to. Whether it's using a re-targeting, custom audience tool like Facebook Pixel, or joining industry-related groups and engaging to get people back to your site or Social Page. 

So go find people who care about your industry.


Great now you have found a couple dozen dental practices (or your industries relevant potential client type) and they are following your page, you have to then define what sort of "value" that you will have to provide them. 

Do dentists want to see pictures of funny cats? No. Well maybe, I can't speak for all Dentists.

But what is much more likely is that Dentist's want to see stuff on things like:

  • Medical Journals relating to Dentistry
  • Innovations in their field
  • News on Dental advancements in other countries 
  • Methods of reducing pain clients experience or how to make the client experience better in their office
  • Even stuff like what the best types of kids toys are to have in the waiting room! 
  • Infographics on top-rated Dental Offices

It's super-important to define what your audience wants to see, and more importantly what they would consider 'Valuable Content'.


Value Exchange

That's it. You provide value in exchange for attention, and the only way to effectively do this is Content Marketing. 

That's Content Marketing. 

There are 25 other ways, but they are all summed up by Content Marketing. 

If you want to learn how to Content Market like a Boss check out the HubSpot free course + Certification on Content Marketing (We have ours, do you?)

If you don't have time for the course we still got you, here is an excerpt from the course on Content Formats (Value delivery systems - aka Content formats)

Content Marketing Formats

*Courtesy of HubSpot. 


2. Strategy 

Tweet 700 times a day?

Publish 3 blogs, bi-weekly, and a semi-annual newsletter?

Only use Instagram and post pictures of your products?

Nope. All these are wrong. 

The only one who can say is you - based off your goals and objectives!

I'm going to make this one simple so you can execute on it today; Fill in the blanks below:

  • I am going to make money for my business by doing _____________ (insert way to convert clients on Social to give you money $$$)  
  • My ideal buyer is this type of person:______________
  • What does that person want to read, watch or hear that is considered valuable to them ________________
*Based on Guy Kawasaki and The Art of Socal Media 

3. Tactics

Okay so tactics on winning Social Media for small businesses. 

I will only be giving you 3 Tactics. 


Because I want you to focus on implementation putting this stuff to use. 

  1. Make a video showing off your business or brand (think of it like a mini-movie trailer). Yes, I know, I can hear you groaning. But whether you like it or not video content is where the industry is headed. You will need to utilize this to expand your audience and give buyers a feel for what you're all about. 

  2. Use Ads. Please use Ads. They work, Facebook Ads are the most prolific and amazing way to advertise since the Mad Men era. There are great courses on Udemy or go straight to Facebooks BluePrint (Mind you to get both certifications you'll be running around $600 USD). The training is free though, you don't have to take the exam, and since Facebook owns Instagram you're probably making a pretty good call by signing up. 

  3. Use your power base. What is that? It's everyone you have ever worked with, ever emailed, your family and your friends. Send them a link asking for them to like and share your page. Just let them know that this would help you out a ton and it would be much appreciated!


4. Influencers 

Here is a list of the top 5 influencers that you NEED to be watching to get a hand up on your Social Media game. You might love some of them, you might hate some of them, but no matter what you will learn something from all of them. 

My personal favorite is Grant Cardone, the man is a robotic-Ai-powered machine as far as I am concerned. Plus he runs the largest business conference in the world The 10x Growth Con. 

Pro Tip: Follow all of them. Even if you hate them, you will get a chance to see what promotions they run, what graphic design strategies they use and other useful information. 

  1.  Gary Vaynerchuck - CEO Of VaynerMedia. If you are operating on Social Media for any business reason and you have not seen this gentleman, you are seriously missing out. He is a master of building an audience, he started out by growing his fathers' wine business and had a massive Youtube channel called Wine Library Tv 

  2. Grant Cardone - Broke, drug addicted, in debt and hated his life at 24. Now he runs multiple million dollar companies and is one of the greatest Social Media presence to ever walk the earth in my humble opinion. He is also a sales Legend. 

  3. Neil Patel - You may have seen him on LinkedIn or read one of his 4,000-ish blog posts. He is a literal marketing master, I cannot think of anyone more knowledgeable who shares EVERYTHING for free. It's insanity.  Please go check his blog or podcast out. 

  4. Sam Ovens - He is a consulting grandmaster. He has made over $20 Million from one Facebook Ad Funnel. This is an outstanding level of marketing, his course is quite expensive but he does have a free 2-hour webinar that I have personally watched and it provides a ton of value. 

  5. Tai Lopez - "Hey guys, we're here in my garage" sound familiar? it should it's probably one of the most prolific Youtube Ads ever ran. Tai Lopez went from living in a trailer to living the multi-millionaire life, his channel? Social Media. He is a Youtube and Snap Chat expert. He targets a younger male demographic but his information can be utilized by anyone running a small business.

5. Blogs to watch for 

Social Media Management Content Marekting

Hootsuite Blog

Hootsuite is somewhat of an industry leader in terms of education.

Offering one of the most widely recognized social media certifications out there today. They cover a breadth like the subjects from Facebook Ad tricks, to editing photos for Instagram and Apps you should use to boost your performance. 



Neil Patel SEO

Neil Patel Blog Content Marketing

Blog - Neil Patel 

Mentioned previously above, this man is a weapon. He probably has more high-value blog posts than anyone out there today. He is a never-ending source of almost every SEO, Social Media and Digital Marketing piece of advice available.

Check him out. He's worth it and he has definitely put in the time to create amazing blog posts. 


Sprout Social SEO Social Media Marketing

Sprout Social Blog

These guys are amazing, they have to be one of the top-rated blogs on the subject of marketing out there. They offer more technical based information on how to zero in Facebook Ad targeting, Instagram algorithm updates and more. 


Hootsutie AdespressoAdespresso SEO SMM


They are owned by Hootsuite and they have the power to analyze 750,000 Facebook Ads. 

Seems like something you should follow if they have access to that type of data. 

AdEspresso is a Social advertising platform that helps you get hyper-focused results from Facebook, Instagram, and Google. It is a paid tool but it has pretty good reviews, so their actual product may be worth checking out as well.


6.  Tools For Success

A powerful Cell Phone

You need a mobile device that can process images, video and has a half decent camera for both taking pictures and recording video. 

This is non-negotiable, you need to be posting on your Instagram and Facebook story throughout the day, snapping pics for Instagram and Tweeting your latest thoughts, news, and ideas. 



Hootsuite Social Media Tool


A social Media scheduling tool. It schedules your posts for you, either at a time specified time or at a pre-determined time by their algorithms. 

This tool is a necessity for anyone wishing to operate their Social Media marketing strategy effectively. Plus it can publish one post across multiple networks saving you time!



Udemy Learn Online

Udemy - Online Learning Platform

You're reading this right? 

So clearly you have an interest in learning, which is amazing. Keep it up.

Udemy is an online learning platform that has thousands of courses available for you, me or anyone to purchase (or sometimes take free). 

Most courses are in the $14.99 to $15.99 range.

I love this one personally because it is seamlessly integrated into mobile.


Grammerly Spelling check


This tool is instrumental in my success.

I am a weak speller, I'm not sure why because I read over 50 books a year on average so I don't fully understand my spelling skill level. Can't win at everything right?

Seriously, they have a chrome plug-in (it installs into your browser) and lets you check words while writing a blog like me, or just typing posts on Facebook. 

Oh, and it's free. 

No matter what you need it for, this tool is absolutely essential for writers. 

It also has a premium feature where it identifies contextual errors and sentence/paragraph formatting issues. 


Buzz Sumo

Engagement analyzer


Buzz sumo is a fantastic tool that lets you search up any keywords or 'topics' and see how those social posts are performing around the web and which social platform they are doing best on. 

This is a pivotal tool if you want to talk about the right things on the correct platform to best engage with your audience! 

7. Podcasts

Buffer Social Media Podcast

Buffer - The Science of Social Media

This podcast is amazing, you can listen to it anywhere. 

It's on SoundCloud, iTunes, google play, the web. 

They talk about everything from the new layout of Social channels to the updates and algorithms that affect them. If you are looking to fast track your social media marketing knowledge this is the podcast to do it. 

Level: Intermediate


Gary Vee Show

The #askgaryvee show 

We spoke about Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary Vee) earlier in this blog post, but he really can't be emphasized enough. He was responsible for Budwiesers stunning new commercial dynamics.

He was a marketer from day one, and I don't hesitate in saying he is one of the first 5 people to cover any new updates within a day.

He covers new topics exceedingly well shortly after they come out. 

Social Pros Podcast Jay Baer

Social Pros Podcast

Jay Baer is a legendary content marketer and personality. 

The podcast won best in its class at the 2015 Content Marketing Awards.

He is also the author of Youtility a fantastic resource for content marketing with great case studies in it. Jay is known for his ease of understanding, he walks people through complex issues in a simple way the layman can understand. 


Okay, that's it, folks. 

That should be enough to get you taking some serious actionable steps to build your Social Media audience and reach.

Remember Social Media (Just like everything is a Marathon, not a Sprint) so stay in it for the long game. You may not win every day, you might have some bad days. You might even lose some followers once in a while.

But stick with it, Social Media is something you have to keep doing not just try.

Like the Jedi Grandmaster, Yoda said "Either Do. Or Do Not. There is no try".

Good Luck and Happy Hunting. 

If you have any questions leave them in the comment box below.

Be powerful 

- Jack Heaton

905 717 6400

Owner & Founder, Attention Exchange Media  

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