Top 5 Tips to Get a Massive Return On Investment with Social Media Marketing in London Ontario

Top 5 ways to get a Massive Return On Investment With Social Media Marketing in London Ontario

Here are the top 5 tips to MAKE SURE you get an amazing return on investment with Social Media Marketing in London, Ontario.

Yes, I am based out of Aurora.

However, I have lived in London Ontario for a lot of my life and the business culture there is amazing - I love it and I'm writing about it. 

It is so unique!

And really tailors to small businesses and consultants, the city has so much to offer and this article is just my small way of giving back!


1. Engage locally! 

What does that mean?

Figure out how to show people you are part of the community when posting on Social Media!

Let them know you are from London and feature the city in your posts. 

Are you doing a Facebook live stream?

Do it from Victoria Park! (Bonus: Do it at the skating rink in winter!)

Are you trying to showcase a product?

Take a picture of it over the Thames River, with a notable landmark in the back

Say you are doing a "Staff Profile" (This is where you post a picture of yourself and give people a quick brief on who you are) 

Take the picture of yourself in front of the Western Gates, or The Main Entrance to Masonville! 

If you just post inside of your business, inside of your house, or somewhere that people don't instantly recognize where you are - then how are people supposed to see that you are doing business in London?

But Jack, what about Location tagging?

Yeah, I hear you, but humans are visual beings, and sure they might see the Location tag on your post.

But honestly what is more likely to make you stand out:

The Western Tower in the back of your photo or you tagging 'London - Ontario'

Western University Tower - Western Campus - London           


Small Business Real Estate Agent London Ontario          

Yeah, obviously the tower, but you should also still always tag location too.

Show people you are part of the community and you will be well on your way to an increase in your return on investment with Social efforts! 


2.  Shout out a business (and get shouted back)

Real estate agents - consultants - service businesses - retail locations

"Hey, I noticed we have similar followings, and I really like your business. If you sent me a post and the text you wanted in it about your business I would love to share it with my audience. It would help you reach a whole new demographic of people and expand your reach! I would love if you could do the same for me too"

1. Copy

2. Paste

3. DM on Instagram 

Now be authentic, find businesses you actually like and think you can help.

The best way to do this is to ask for nothing in return and just see if they hopefully shout you out too, but you can add the part about your business if you aren't that confident. 

If you run a yogurt shop, a great business to reach out to might be your local ice cream parlour or a coffee shop.

Something that is adjacent to your business without being too direct of a competitor. 

You can change up the message to suit your own personal style of communication or just take it from above.

This is a tremendously effective method of increasing your ROI on Social Media, it's a win-win you get brand exposure & they get brand exposure.

Who could ask for more?

3. Talk local and about your audience. 

You probably hear this a lot but with the hyper-focus of this article, we can really deep dive into what that means for people looking to grow their business on Social in London. 

So you need to bring value to your audience - that means sh*t they care about, OK?

Not your sale, your new offer, not your blah blah.

That is all great.

Plus you need to push that stuff 20% of the time. 

The other 80% has to be of VALUE to your audience:

Funny posts, information regarding your industry that helps them, or something related to the area you serve. 

A great way of getting geographically related content is to Google "events ______ insert town name"

I did this for London and these results came up - all GREAT for content!

London Games 2018 Social media marketing

So it appears that the Ontario Summer Games were hosted in London for the SECOND time in two years... or back to back.

Now, what can we do about content for this?

Fitness related: This is a gold mine, talk about the athletes, their training, diet, who's who etc. 

Graphic Design: Cool logo right? Talk about that 

Coffee Shop: Give out 20% off to anyone who comes in with their ticket stub for the event, make a post about it in Canva (great social media design platform, and its free) then boost the post into Instagram stories so people see it in London!

Supplement Company: Give out supplements to athletes in exchange for a mention. Or better yet, when people buy supplements, give them a chance to win tickets to the games and advertise your promotion on social media, Instagram and Facebook are fantastic for contests. 

4. Brick and Mortar? Nope. You're digital.

Think because you are a brick and mortar store in London that everyone in the city knows where you are? Nope.

That's the harsh reality. 

How many times have you gone somewhere with a friend or family member in town and you see a new store or restaurant?

"Oh wow, I never knew that was there!"

We've all said it. 

And it isn't our fault either, its the lack of a stronger digital presence on Social Media from the business. 

If you want people to come into your business and not just survive, but thrive then you should at the bare minimum be keeping an active and relevant social media presence. 

If you want to really succeed then you should be running targets ads, A/B testing, and doing demographic research - but that's another post. 

5. Cover Local Events

Okay, at first glance this may seem very similar to #3 and that's because it is.

But we go a bit more specific here.

How do you get people to check out your business without really knowing they are checking out your business?

Cover an event, go get your smartphone - go to the farmers market, go to sporting events, go to a local pub night with a local semi-famous band and just create some content. 

Film stories, talk to influencers there, talk to anyone running a booth. 

Ask them if you can do a 3 question interview for your Instagram story and post about it. 

You don't even have to leave your house or building to cover local "events"

For example: On the date of this publication there is a severe heat warning for London. Take a video and warn people! 

They're going to find out from one source or another - might as well be you!


Bonus Tip: Take a picture of your town sign and figure out a way to incorporate it into your social profile with posts. 

Exactly like the cover of this post! 

Find other unique and creative ways to help promote your business locally! 

If you incorporate all of these methods into your social media you are sure to increase your ROI on top of whatever efforts you are already putting into it. 

Drop your idea in the comments and be sure to share this post to help out your fellow business owners in London!


- Jack Heaton

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