What Is Social Media Management?

Social Media 

  • Forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content.


  • The process of dealing with or controlling things or people.

Okay, Great getting the useless definitions out of the way we can REALLY talk about what Social Media Management is. 

Social Media Managment is simple:

It's the description of a process where you create content, or curate (go find other peoples content and post it on your profiles) typically for a business. 

Types of Content For Social Media

Now, why the hell do you care?

Let me ask you this: Do you believe Social Media is important for business and growing income?

If No: Please leave this blog post.

If Yes: Since you agree its important it's not a far stretch to see its probably also important to POST STUFF.

"OH NO!" you say. 


Social Media takes so much time though! 

Whatever will you do?

BOOM - there is a solution.

Companies have come out with online software that helps you to manage your content, by uploading it once on their site, then enabling you to post it across all your platforms and a specific time and date. 

Here are two different platforms that help you with the process of posting content. 



Hootsuite Social Media Management


Typically this processed is outsourced - because it takes an incredible amount of time and knowledge to understand the inner-workings of 1 Social Media platform (Nevermind 6).

This job typically gets outsourced to a Social Media Manager - or done by an in-house manager, they have the knowledge and skill to effectively run Advertising and Marketing for your business on various Social Media Platforms. 

Some business owners may choose to do their own Social Media Management -  they teach themselves the required knowledge and skills, then allocate their time to schedule content. 

However, our opinion (Warning: We may be slightly biased... you know because we're a Social Media Management Agency after all) is that if you:

Hire an accountant for your business tax return

Hire an electrician to do your wiring

Hire an I.T. professional to take care of your computers/servers

You should PROBABLY hire a Social Media Manager to do your Social Media.

But if you don't please view our other blog posts so you can gain the knowledge to crush Social Media on your own!

- Go out there and grow your business! 

-Jack Heaton 

Attention Exchange Media, Owner



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